Keno – Canadians Favorite Game of Chance

Keno is an exciting lottery style game with simple rules, which enjoys a great deal of popularity in Canadian clubs and pubs. The online version of Keno is available at any of the Canada-facing online casinos we recommend. Some Keno games also have progressive jackpots attached to them.

Play Free Keno

Players who do not know how to play Keno, but would like to, have a very good opportunity to learn the game online. Most Keno casinos offer free keno games for beginners. Free keno games present a risk-free opportunity for players to learn the games before beginning to wager real money on it.

Compare Real Money Keno Games

Real money Keno games are available at all Keno casinos powered by Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming (RTG), and other providers.

Microgaming Keno – Microgaming’s Keno bears a striking resemblance to the Keno found in land-based casinos. The game features realistic graphics, audio effects, and animations and the payout table is easy to locate. Players can choose from chip sizes in the range of 1 - 10. On the downside, the game moves at a slow pace and lacks an Autoplay feature.

Playtech Keno – Playtech’s Keno is an attractive game that allows players to choose from coin sizes such as $5, $2, $1, $0.50, and $0.20. Playtech offers two variants of Keno—Fortune Keno and Keno Xperiment, but there is not much of a difference between these games.

NetEnt Keno - Called Bonus Keno, it is slightly different from the Keno games developed by Playtech and Microgaming. It has a bonus round, which gets activated as soon as five Joker symbols appear at the top of the gaming screen.

Real Time Gaming (RTG) – RTG’s keno is a simple game with clear and crisp graphics. Players can wager anywhere in the range of $0.01 to $10.00 per game. There are also features such as the Quick Pick feature.

Best Keno Casinos for Canadians

We have selected a list of great keno casinos for Canadian players. Some of these casinos offer great bonuses and even include keno in their list of games that can be played for bonus clearance.

While selecting these keno casinos, we have taken into consideration a variety of factors such as ownership and licensing, compliance, bonuses and promotions, rewards for loyalty, customer care, and others. Canadian players will, therefore, find the best of the best casinos in our list.

How to Play Keno

A game of keno begins with a wager. Once players have placed their wagers, they can select up to 20 numbers from the displayed number range of 1 to 80. If players do not want to manually select the numbers, they can use the Quick Pick option. The next step is to click on the Play button. The software will now draw 20 numbers at random and players will get paid depending on the number of selected numbers that match the numbers drawn by the software at random.

Keno FAQ

Q: Are there any Keno strategies?
A: Since Keno is a lottery style game of pure chance, there is no strategy that can definitely help players win a game.

Q: Is Keno available for free?
A: Keno is available at all Keno casinos in the fun or practice mode.

Q: Is it legal to play online keno?
A: The legality of playing online keno depends on the regulations of your country of residence.

Q: Are keno winnings taxable?
A: Online casinos do not deduct taxes from keno winnings. Players should study the tax laws of their country and declare their keno winnings and pay taxes on them, accordingly.

Q: Can I play keno on my mobile phone?
A: Mobile versions of keno games are available for play on smartphones and tablets.