How to Find the Best Scratch Card Casinos for Canadians

Canadian players are fond of playing scratchies. In fact, scratchies are found almost everywhere in Canada, including news agents, because they are so popular.

Residents love these simple, easy-to-play games for many reasons. In the first place, there are so many varieties of scratchies available, both online and offline. Second, scratchies, which are also known as scratch off games or scratch card games, are easy to understand and play. Third, they are instant play games, the results of which are known instantaneously. Fourth, they carry enormous prizes. Finally, they are based on a wide range of themes, suitable for players of varying tastes and preferences.

Play Free Scratchies

Canadian players do not necessarily have to blow their bankrolls on scratch card games. The best scratch off games in the industry are available free of charge and players can find them at online casinos, affiliate sites, and even news portals. We have presented a list of all the scratchies Canadian players can play for free. Just click on the game of your choice.

Types of Scratch Card Games

There are four major varieties of scratch cards:

Lottery Scratch Cards - These are games that combine the scratch card concept with lottery payout structures. If players win such a scratch card, they can return home as millionaires.

Jackpot Scratch Cards - As the name suggests, these are scratch card games that offer enormous jackpots for certain symbol combinations.

Casino Scratch Cards - These games combine casino games such as slots and roulette with scratch cards.

Bingo Scratch Cards - These are delightful combinations of bingo and scratchies, blending the ease and quickness of playing a scratchie with the fun of bingo.

Scratch Card Software

Scratch card games have been developed by a wide range of providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.

Microgaming - Microgaming casinos offer a huge selection of scratch cards, which are often placed in the Other Games category of their portfolios. Some of the interesting titles are Bowled Over, Dawn of the Bread, and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Playtech - Playtech has a nice collection of around 40 - 50 scratch card games for players to choose from. Many of these scratchies are based on popular slots, movies, PC games, and television shows. Some of them are based on popular themes such as Christmas. Some of the most popular scratch cards at Playtech casinos are Rocky Scratch, The Mummy Scratch, Top Trumps Celebs, Santa Scratch, and others.

NetEnt – NetEnt Casinos offer around 17 scratchies in their portfolios. Some of the best NetEnt scrachies are Max Win, Treasure Hunt, Zodiac, Lucky Double, and Fortuna.

Real Money Scratchies for Canadians

As previously mentioned, Canadians love scratch card games and wouldn’t want to play at an online casino that does not offer real money scratchies. Fortunately for Canadian residents, we at Canadian Casino Club have listed out the best scratch card casinos for Canadian players.

We have carefully handpicked these casinos after taking into consideration a wide range of factors such as licensing, ownership, customer care, game selection, bonuses, promotions, rewards for loyalty, and so on. Canadian players will feel safe and secure at any of our recommended online casinos for scratch card gaming.

Rules and Tips

Scratch card rules are quite simple. Players have to scratch off the surface of their scratch card using their mouse to reveal matching symbols and prizes. They can also scratch the entire ticket automatically. Payouts depend on the symbols and symbol combinations revealed.

Since scratch cards are pure games of chance, players cannot implement any strategy to improve their odds. However, these tips can help them maximize their profits.

  • Manage your bankroll well.
  • Avoid chasing losses.
  • Spread your bets over several scratch cards and avoid betting all your money on one scratch card.
  • When you have lost as much as you can afford to lose, quit playing.
  • Quit getting obsessed with winning and have fun with your scratchies.

Scratch Card FAQ

Q: Can I play scratch cards on my smartphone or tablet?
A: As providers have developed scratch cards to fit into the smaller screens of mobile devices, you can play your favorite scratchies on the move.

Q: Can I play scratch offs for free?
A: You can. Most online casinos give players the opportunity to play scratch cards in the fun or demo mode.

Q: Which is the best gambling site for scratch cards?
A: It depends a great deal on your personal tastes and preferences. We suggest you try out some of the casinos we recommend to find out the ones you like best.

Q: Is it legal to play scratch cards?
A: It depends on the laws of the country in which you reside.

Q: If I win a big prize, should I pay taxes on it?
A: You should find out what the laws of your country say. Some countries do not tax casino winnings, but some do. If your country taxes winnings, you must pay taxes as none of the online casinos we recommend deduct taxes before paying out the winnings.